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And that’s a wrap for Google Code-In 2014

As you might be knowing, Drupal recently participated in Google Code-In 2014, which is a contest for high school students aged 13-17. We received great participation from students all around the world and they heavily contributed to Drupal during past couple of months. I served as one of the organization administrators for Drupal and had the wonderful opportunity to mentor these students and watch their transformation from complete newbies to Core contributors.

Tons of Core issues worked upon, lots of documentation created/updated and a bunch of modules ported - yes, that’s what GCI meant for Drupal. For a more comprehensive list, you can look at the complete lists of tasks on Melange. Although all the participants did great, there are a few who stood apart from the others.

Congratulations to all the finalists and prize winners!

Welcome Google Summer of Code 2015

While was GCI was a lot of fun, its over now. To keep the momentum going, we’ve decided to apply as an organization into GSoC again. To stay tuned for further updates regarding GSoC, join our discussion group here: If you or any of your friends/colleagues have an idea and/or want to mentor a project in GSoC 2015, please add that information to our GSoC 2015 Task Organization wiki.

We’d like to apply with at least 30 solid ideas and the deadline is 20th February (which is about 8-9 days from now), please add your ideas before 18th February, so that we’ve some time to review them before we submit them to Google. Even if you’re not available as a mentor, please share the ideas page ( to help make Drupal more AWESOME for everyone.

If you’ve any issues/doubts, feel free to contact me or Matthew Lechleider (Slurpee) or directly either via our contact page or via comments below. You can also ask any questions on our IRC channel: #drupal-google on Freenode.

For Students: where to start

All the instructions that you need are documented here: but following is a short summary of most important stuff.

If you’re a student reading this post, the first thing that you need to do is join our GSoC discussion group. Also, feel free to hangout on our IRC channel: #drupal-google. Even if don’t have any specific doubts at the moment, just keep irc open in one window and try to follow the discussion if it interests you (whenever you can). If you want to start contributing to Drupal, you can go through the official Getting Involved Guide. Since the amount of text might be overwhelming to start in this guide, the above mentioned link should suffice you immediate needs.

The most important thing is that you should try to connect with mentors as much as possible so that you can discuss/refine your ideas further. If you find an idea in the Task Organization Wiki which interests you, feel free to contact the mentor either via mail or on IRC. If you’ve any interesting idea that you’d like to propose for GSoC, you can also add those to the wiki but you need to contact the admins first. If you’d like to read some tips for GSoC application, you can read my last post: Best of luck!

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